“I have to admit, in the beginning I was a little bit worried because I was not sure what I signed up for. After a few sessions with Adam my worries and fear subsided as all the meetings were comforting and enlightening. Initially we mainly talked about sports because my biggest problem was in my head. Most of the coaches and other people who understand ball hockey recognized my problem quickly – my anger tantrums, arguments with referees, and emotional outbursts were hurting my game. Adam was able to help me with all this and I will be forever grateful to him. Eventually, I was able to change even in my personal life which is why I am always looking forward to meeting him again, because he is a wonderful person. I am sure we will hear about him more because he does things with all his heart and he does them right.”

– Adam Rekoš,
Adam Rekoš, Ball Hockey Player

“He is an expert when it comes to functioning of brain and managing to change behavior, and rituals in order to improve the performance of the player.” “Working with Adam is amazing. When you have a session with Adam you don’t feel like you are sitting across the table from a psychologist but from a friend. He is an expert when it comes to functioning of brain and managing to change behavior, and rituals in order to improve the performance of the player. I have to say that for me as a tennis player it is a huge advantage that Adam used to play tennis actively. It makes it easier to communicate. It makes you feel that you can trust that person. I can keep on going about how Adam helped me but it really is better to see for yourself what he can do.”

– Matej Maruščák,
Matej Maruščák, #1 tennis player in the nation in years 2007,2008,2012,2013 in his category

„This person makes miracles when it comes to changing mind and attitude of athletes.“

„I would like to greet all the visitors of this website. My name is Filp Horansky and it is an honor for me to tell you about Adam. I am a professional tennis player and I have been traveling around the world and meeting many people on tournaments for years. I have been coached by many coaches and cooperated with many people. I met Adam in November 2016 I have not met a person who impressed me like this guy since. Our first meeting took place at one of the shopping centers in Bratislava and I was having mixed feelings, just like anyone who was about to meet their new mental coach would. I was wondering why am I going to meet him and if there is actually anything that this person could do to help me. At that time, I was in a difficult stage of my career and I didn‘t think that the ideal solution would be to meet up with a mental coach. Few seconds after we shook our hands and I started to tell him about my story I knew that this is the right person to talk to and all my doubts went away. The way Adam listened to me, discussed the issues and reacted to my concerns has got me. He is an educated, positive thinking person with a talent for his job. When you are a successful athlete, many people appear in your life that want to be friends with you and help you. Only those that truly care stand behind the athlete at times where he is not using his potential to the fullest. I found in Adam a source of immense energy and support and I am glad to have him in my team. Personally, I am looking forward to all of our meetings as this person makes miracles when it comes to changing mind and attitude of athletes. Adam’s aura is as positive as it gets. Mind of a professional athlete is complicated, filled with doubts, distracting thoughts, and lacking confidence, which is why you need someone to fix it. Adam is that right person who can do it. I strongly recommend him to you and guarantee you that you will appreciate what he will do to your sports perfomance. I tried it on my own skin.“

– Filip Horanský,
Filip Horanský, #3 ranked junior tennis player in the world, Australian Open doubles champion

“Adam has revealed to me the newest tricks and methods that help the best athletes to beat the toughest challenges. His professionalism has totally fascinated me. “

“My name is Peter Drabek and I have been a boxer for 8 years. I am very ambitious and I have been taking roads that only few people find the courage to take. I am also talking about the dark side of the mind, particularly the dark side of the mind of an athlete. When I was 20 years old I said that one day I will fight against a world champion and also that I will box in Las Vegas, the capitol of boxing. When I first met Adam I was in a bad place, where I have lost my passion and will to succeed and fulfill my dreams. I was about to have a 6th fight in my career against P.Polakovic, the super heavyweight champion. I was unemployed, arguing with my family, and spending time with one woman. Meeting Adam has opened my mind to the next level.

Before the match, we had a couple of meetings and did a few exercises. Adam has revealed to me the newest tricks and methods that help the best athletes to beat the toughest challenges. His professionalism has totally fascinated me. His attitude made me believe that he didn’t only see me as a client, but also as a friend. I couldn’t sleep because I was afraid that I will lose the match, so I decided to tell Adam about everything that was bothering me. Together, we found a way to deal with the fear, become friends, and use that fear to overcome what was ahead of me. The mental preparation worked and I dominated my opponent.

What makes me to respect this guy the most is that he is one of the very few people who was able to see who I really am and he did in few hours what took others a really long time. I believe him because when I was about to retire, and give up on my dreams he managed to persuade me to persevere and keep on going in an hour. He played a large role on me getting to Las Vegas and train with the best in the world.

To everyone that thinks that reads these lines I would like to say: there is no challenge you can’t beat even if it keeps you sleepless at night. People like Adam will help you to achieve your dreams and they are the future of sport psychology and the sport itself. I would like to thank Adam for everything he has done for me and for the fact that he always stands by my side.”

– Peter Drábek,
Peter Drábek, Boxer USA by Roy Jones Jr.

“Nowadays in sport it is not only important to work hard and have talent but also to be mentally prepared. In a sport that I do the mental abilities are crucial and Adam has shown me how to improve my emotions before, during, and after the match. I like working with Adam because of the friendly approach, trusting atmosphere, and professionalism during our sessions. He always looks for what is best for you and how to tell you what you need to hear, and the way he sets your mind just moves you to another level. During our sessions I focused like nothing else existed. Adam displays a great deal of energy and enthusiasm and I could listen to him for the entire day because every word he says endows you with new information and shows you the right way. You can really see that he used to be an athlete and that he fully understands your problem. What I like about him is that he picks knowledge from all the corners of the world and he serves you the best there is. I recommend him to any professional athlete that wants to push his limits.”

– Patrik Janáč,
Patrik Janáč, Ice Hockey Player

“We share the winning mindset when comes to giving best performance in a competitive environment.”

“Adam has a strong scientific background.”

“In more than 10 years that I know Adam we managed to share a lot in sports, academic environment, and also our free time. Adam has always been a sports guy with all his body and mind and eventually his enthusiasm for sport has also been supplemented with scientific knowledge. Without enthusiasm one can not become an expert in his respected field, and Adam is fully devoted to what he does. Everyone who has met him is clear about this from the first moment. In terms of what he does, all his claims are based on scientific evidence. I value this because nowadays one can get information from sources that are just pure speculations that only confuse people. Adam has a strong scientific background. He sees a potential in his clients and their success speaks for itself. Positive attitude towards his work and development of people’s strengths is his ability that comes with his charisma. Even though I think of dancing as of an art, countless hours of practice and hard work need to be put in in order to master the difficult technical elements. During the time I have known Adam he has always supported me and I believe we share the winning mindset when comes to giving best performance in a competitive environment. In the crucial moments that I need to give out my best because I know I am capable to win, which is why I m going to win! Regardless of the competition, for someone to give their best and to win, they have to believe they can. This is what we always agreed on with Adam.”

– Ondrej Hadidom,
Ondrej Hadidom, one of the best b-boys in middle Europe, winner of Red Bull Breaking Contest Czechoslovakia

“Consultations with Adam have always brought to me new information that I had no clue about before. For example he revealed to me how the brain works in order to understand what is happening inside of me during problems. I noticed many changes on myself. He taught me how to work with myself, how to calm myself down and that helps me in many situations. I always felt great during our sessions and I was able to relax and feel a bit wiser after each of them. I knew how to tackle particular problems and I was determined to improve further. I would like to recommend mental coaching to others. Each one of us has its weak mental aspects that can be worked on and sessions like this will help everyone to deal with their weaknesses.”

– David Jaša,
David Jaša, Ice Hockey Player

“I was able to learn many useful tips from working with Adam that have helped me to prepare from the match from another than just physical aspect. Especially during the preparation before the match I perceive that I am able to suppress negative thoughts about the mistakes and return to 100% concentration and focus. During our sessions I felt great because they were led in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere. After the sessions I felt full of energy and motivated for further work. I would like to recommend mental coaching to others because I myself understood the importance of this aspect of preparation.”

– Ondrej Janík,
Ondrej Janík, Ice Hockey Player

“I view him from two levels. First one is his professionalism and expertise and second one is his friendly approach.”

“I got to know Adam during our my professional sports career. Back then, Adam was a psychology student and during our first meetings I as an athlete recognized his determination to understand how to improve performance, which is something athletes think about a lot. He is not only determined to improve others, but also himself.

I view him from two levels. First one is his professionalism and expertise and second one is his friendly approach.

I assume that in his future he will fulfill his goals because of the strong inner motivation to be unique he possesses. He helps children, athletes, and other people to reach their goals and improve their resumes.”

– Martin Štepán,
Martin Štepán, Ice Hockey Player, Canadian Hockey League, Calgary hitman